Clients Know We Care

Redpath and 公司 is an employee-owned (雇员股票拥有) certified public accounting firm headquartered in downtown St. 保罗, Minnesota. We are 承诺 to delivering proactive, 创新, and value-driven solutions to our clients—and we understand that when it comes to making important financial and business decisions, the right team of professionals can make all the difference. We believe in investing the time to get to know you, 你的目标, and your unique challenges and opportunities. If you’re looking for a firm that values long-term, personal and professional relationships and will work as your advocate to help you meet 你的目标, look no further.


Redpath and 公司:

  • Serves closely-held businesses, private equity,  government entities, and nonprofit organizations.
  • Focuses on the manufacturing and distribution; construction, 房地产, and engineering; technology, and 雇员股票拥有 industries.
  • Works with clients throughout the United States.
  • Member of HLB International


We go above and beyond to meet your expectations. Our proven process ensures that you receive unrivaled attention and the highest level of service. Your client manager will work with you to understand 你的目标 and unique challenges, then focus on employing strategies and finding opportunities that will work for you. We take a customized, practical approach to delivering our service—not a “one size fits all” approach.
Your Redpath team will deliver services based on our firm’s core values.

  • 有爱心的. Clients and colleagues must know we care – they must feel it.
  • 承诺. 承诺 to the firm, the firm’s vision, clients, and colleagues.
  • Continuously Improving. Always improving by striving to be better, learning more, and offering more.
  • 自信. In ourselves, our colleagues, and our firm.
  • 连接. Being aware of our surroundings and the world outside the firm, developing relationships, and being able to articulate ideas and views.



We are a member of many professional and industry associations so that we can understand challenges our clients face, and continually improve our ability to serve them as their CPA.




Clients Know We Care, and so does our community. We donate money and volunteer hours to a variety of causes each year.



Meet the Team

Meet our team of experts. We serve many different industries and needs as unique as your own.


Redpath History


Ronald Delahunt

Founded in 1971

We begin operations in 1971 as Ronald J. 德拉亨特 & 公司.


Voto reardon tautges

First name change

Our name changes to Voto, Reardon, Tautges & 公司 in 1983.


Ronald Delahunt

Our White Bear Office Opens

We open our current office at 4810 White Bear Parkway in White Bear Lake, MN in 1991.




Our employee stock ownership plan (雇员股票拥有) is established in 2003.



吉姆Redpath, Managing Partner

吉姆Redpath becomes Managing Partner.


100 employees

100 employees

We break triple-digits with 100 employees.



Redpath and 公司

We settle on our 6th and current name, Redpath and 公司, in 2014.

Ribbon cutting

Headquarters Open in downtown St. 保罗

We open our headquarters and second office in St. 保罗 in 2014.


马克·吉布斯, Managing Partner

马克·吉布斯 becomes Managing Partner in 2014.


Expanding in downtown St. 保罗

Expanding in downtown St. 保罗

We open a second floor of offices in St. 保罗

Our People, Our Passion

Our people are our greatest asset. Our team of professionals live up to our values: caring, 承诺, 连接, continuously improving, and confident. Learn more about the partners, 董事, and experts who will work with you to understand your unique challenges and opportunities.