No two deals are alike, and every transaction presents unique challenges, risks, and opportunities. 你的团队&A advisors will guide and support you through every stage of the transaction lifecycle from developing the corporate strategy to performing diligence to leading the integration efforts.

Whether you are deploying your newest fund, divesting a business unit, contemplating an exit, or testing the waters for your first transaction, Redpath and Company will help you make timely, informed business decisions. You’ll receive comprehensive insights and insightful diligence reports that will be leveraged throughout the transaction process, giving you the flexibility to scale up or down as necessary.




Strategic and financial consulting with regard to raising capital, investment decision-making advice, identification of new opportunities, 严谨的M&A support throughout the value creation cycle.

Strategic Planning: Sell-Side

  • 战略的故事

  • Transition Goal Identification

  • Sell-Side Process Definition

Strategic Planning: Buy-Side

  • 增长战略

  • Inorganic 增长战略

  • 目标战略 & 基本原理

Value Creation: Sell-Side

  • Quick-Hit Assessments

  • 财务分析

  • Initiative Development & 执行

Transaction Preparation

  • Outside Support Requirements

  • Sell-Side Quality of Earnings

  • 勤奋 & 制备过程

Transaction Management

  • Transaction Process

  • 风险管理

  • Third-Party Coordination


勤奋 and planning to ensure transaction readiness and increase the likelihood to close, M对中&A strategy and goals identified in pre-diligence, and a strong foundation set for post-close success.

Sell-Side Readiness



  • Quality of Earnings (Financial 勤奋)
  • 操作
  • I.T.
  • Others As Identified


Transaction Management

  • Transaction Process
  • 风险管理
  • Third-Party Coordination
  • 法律支持
  • Negotiations Support
  • Pre - & Post-Close支持
M&Post Close图标

Implementation of critical 首100天 items that create the foundation for scale and synergy capture that lead to maximum returns when executing the exit strategy.

集成 Strategy
  • 愿景 & 基本原理
  • 客观的 & 指标
  • 指导原则 & 集成式

操作 & Organizational Model

  • 操作 & Organizational Model Design
  • Infrastructure Design
  • 保留 & 文化

集成 Planning

  • Confirmatory 勤奋
  • 里程碑 & 集成 Planning
  • 集成 Roadmap

协同作用 & 财务计划

  • 协同验证 & 剧本
  • 金融前景
  • 指标跟踪

集成 Management

  • 集成 Process
  • 协同管理
  • 改变 & Communications Management

Adding Value Throughout the M&一个生命周期

Transaction Advisory Lifecycle and $2.6B in Enterprise Value
guide to selling a business











Every transaction presents unique challenges, risks, and opportunities. Whether you're navigating buy-side, 卖方, 再融资, or another transaction, a collaborative engagement with your advisors can cover all of the angles and ensure a successful outcome. Redpath provides our clients with the information they need to make informed business decisions throughout all stages of the transaction lifecycle.


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订阅 the Transaction Abstract

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